Hi, my name is Raquel Whiting Gilmer and I am a wife, daughter, aspiring mother (I don’t have any kids yet but I want them.), sister, friend, small group leader, lawyer, entrepreneur, confidant, advisor, blogger, twitter attempter, soon to be published author, and accepter of crumbs.  Well, a recovering crumbs accepter.  What’s a crumb accepter?  Is it as bad as it sounds?  It’s bad, but it’s preventable and curable.

Freedictionary.com defines a crumb as a small fragment, scrap, or portion.  And it defines accepter as one who accepts.  So a crumbs accepter is one who accepts small scraps.  No bueno, right?  How did I get like this?  Well, I think my low self-esteem was the root cause of it.   And I’ve learned that when your self-esteem is bad then you will accept anything including crumbs in all areas of your life.  BTW, my biggest crumbs area was definitely my relationships with men.

Things are different now, and I have committed myself to Live Crumbs Free.  Live crumbs free?  Yes, I am committed to not accepting crumbs in any area of my life.  But to get to this point, I had to do some work. I first had to work on my self-esteem.   And after lots of therapy, I got to a place where not only did I have high self-esteem; but I started a website, www.perfectlyme.com, and a girls’ program, Perfectly Me Girls to encourage other women and girls to embrace and love who they are and not judge themselves by the world’s standards.  Our motto is I’m not perfect, I’m just Perfectly Me.

Once my self-esteem was on the rise, I could start to look at the crumbs in my life.  And I knew I had to deal with my personal crumbs, and I’m happy to report that after many failed relationships and mounds of crumbs, I met the love of my life and married him.  Yay!!!  I have the full meal and then some now, and it has changed my life.  I want everyone to have that full meal, and I know how bad the crumbs are so I’ve written my first novel about a woman struggling with relationships who finally figures out that Crumbs Aren’t Enough.  I hope you will read my blog, check out my novel, and follow me on twitter as I dole out advice and wisdom on keeping your self-esteem high and getting rid of the crumbs.


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Raquel Whiting

Raquel Whiting is a graduate of Princeton University and University of Virginia School of Law. She is currently an executive in a K-12 education company that provides tutoring services to disadvantaged youth.  She is passionate about helping others and encouraging them to love themselves no matter what. Raquel shares her thoughts and suggestions on her website, www.perfectlyme.com.  She knows first-hand what it’s like to get less than what you deserve both personally and professionally. And after a series of failed relationships and lots of crumbs, she met the love of her life, Michael, in 2009 and they live in Baltimore, MD.

Website: www.raquelwhiting.com

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