Behind the Pages - Part 2

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Ok, so I had just quit my job and I wasn’t starting my new job until three months later.  I figured this was perfect.  I would three months to wrap up this final draft.  I knew it would be hard but I was committed to knocking it out.  I treated the novel like it was my job.  I woke up every morning showered and headed to the coffee shop.  I usually worked at the Firehouse in the Canton Square.  I would work for eight hours and then go home and have dinner.  I finished what I again believed was the final draft within that time period.  I felt confident this time.  I had developed the characters more, expanded the dialogue, and set the scenes appropriately.  I was so happy and I celebrated by hanging out with a friend at Grand Cru and then visiting my friend Traci at Pazo.  I started my new job and I excitedly waited for Allyson’s feedback on my masterpiece.  Two months later, Allyson returned that draft with almost just as much red ink.  I was again devastated.  I couldn’t believe that after all of my dedicated hard work, I was back to the drawing board again with significant work to do.  The difference this time was I had a new job that was very demanding.  So now I basically had a second job.  I had to excel at my day job which was almost like having a job and a half and work on revising my novel in the evenings and on weekends.  It took me another year to complete the third draft.  Allyson and I worked together on the fourth draft, editing it together.  It felt complete finally.  It had been four years and I was ready to share my “baby” with the world.  But it wasn’t time yet.


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Raquel Whiting

Raquel Whiting is a graduate of Princeton University and University of Virginia School of Law. She is currently an executive in a K-12 education company that provides tutoring services to disadvantaged youth.  She is passionate about helping others and encouraging them to love themselves no matter what. Raquel shares her thoughts and suggestions on her website,  She knows first-hand what it’s like to get less than what you deserve both personally and professionally. And after a series of failed relationships and lots of crumbs, she met the love of her life, Michael, in 2009 and they live in Baltimore, MD.

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