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I have been receiving acupuncture treatments for seven years and I love it.  These treatments have helped me with insomnia, asthma related symptoms, and stress.  If you’re thinking “I don’t like needles,” “it won’t work” or “alternative therapies are not for me,” then this post is for you.

I moved to Baltimore back in 2005 to start a new job.  Within a few months, I was having trouble sleeping.  My mind was continuously racing thinking about all the things I had to do the following day which made it difficult for me to fall asleep.  I didn’t want to take sleeping pills so I decided to research alternative therapies and I found an interesting article about how to cure insomnia with acupuncture.  Now, just to give you a sense of how big a leap it was for me to consider acupuncture, I want to share that in the past I actually said “I’ll never get acupuncture, it’s not for me.”  I had been hearing about it for years from a good friend of mine who had been seeing an acupuncturist for over five years.  She was always raving about the ailments it helped relive and had even encouraged me to seek treatment for my asthma.  But, I didn’t consider it because I was definitely a huge proponent of all things traditional medicine.  I had a good regimen and I was sticking to it.  But, in 2006, I was at my wits end with the sleeplessness so I was intrigued by the claims in this article and I decided to look into it further.
The first step was finding the right acupuncturist.  In full disclosure, I am always super picky when it comes to doctors and anyone who’s title ends with an “ist.”  The most important thing for me is feeling a personal connection.  I want to feel like more than just a client, I want to know that my team cares about me.  Obviously, this is hard to gauge before meeting people in person but I try to get a sense of their style and personal philosophy from their websites.  After much deliberation, I picked Point Well Taken and made an appointment with Allyson Jones.  I used Google to find her back then but my current acupuncturist recommended when I asked her about acupuncturists for a friend of mine outside of the Baltimore region.

The first appointment was 90-minutes.  Allyson and I talked about everything going on with me not just my sleeplessness.  After 45 minutes, it was time for my first treatment.  I was a little nervous but with the first prick I realized that there wasn’t any pain, it was more of a pinch.  She stuck needles all over to treat the underlying causes of my sleeplessness and general chi deficiencies.  I rested for about 30 minutes and I immediately felt more relaxed.  Allyson explained to me that this wasn’t magic and it would take a few treatments to build up my chi but that night, I actually slept for six hours.  After that night, I never looked back.  I’ve been in treatment almost weekly for the past seven years.  Allyson and I became such good friends that she recommended that I see her partner Laura since we had grown so close personally.  I’ve been treated for bronchitis, asthma, back pain, headaches, and stress.  I truly believe acupuncture has made me a healthier more relaxed person and that’s why I love it.  If you are in the Baltimore area, I highly recommend Allyson and Laura at Point Well Taken on Falls Road.  If not, check out to see the amazing benefits of acupuncture.

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Raquel Whiting

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