In 2005, I moved back to Baltimore.  It was a great move for me.  I was closer to my family and found awesome new friends.  Best of all, I met my husband, Michael, here and second best I learned all of the amazing benefits of acupuncture!

I have a friend, Peter Dernbach, whom I love dearly.  He is actually one of my best friends, and he is one of the best people I know.  He always has such a good attitude even when things aren’t going well.  I asked him once how he does it, and he shared that he tries to do his best every day.  Some days his best is great, other days it is mediocre; but as long as he does his best, he can hold his head high.

Now, over the past 14 years, I’ve found that Peter’s best is outstanding all the time.  And today is no different.